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The Cornerstone: January 2023

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January 2023





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Stunning Voice at 13
Winner of Norway’s Got Talent at age 7, Angelina still has the voice of an angel as she sings on America’s Got Talent.

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Octopus Playtime
Living at a professor’s home, this octopus changes colors, watches people intensely, and plays with an empty pill bottle.



Put Your Internet Speed to the Test!

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You’re paying for internet based on the speed you selected when you signed up for service. But how do you know if you’re actually getting the speed you’re paying for? There is a lot of false advertisement from other internet providers about how much speed you are receiving versus what you are paying for.

With a good router, you can trust that you are getting the speed you are paying for from MVT. Want to be sure? You can easily run an internet speed test at home. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Visit If you’re on a mobile device, you can also download an app called Speedtest by Ookla to run the speed test.
  2. Press Go and the speed test will begin running. It takes just about one minute, so sit back and watch.
  3. Get your speed test results!

The Ookla speed test provides you with two pieces of information: the speed of your connection and ping time. The speed of your connection is tested by measuring the amount of time it takes to send and receive a file. The ping time is the amount of time it takes for your device to receive a response from a small test message that is sent to the speed test server.

How to interpret your results:

  • The tested speed should match the speed you are paying for. You can find your speed on your bill. If you cannot find it, email our office or send a text to (844) 947-6573 and we will be happy to provide it to you.
  • A ping time under 100 milliseconds (ms) is considered normal. MVT’s typical fiber ping times are 3-5 ms while DSL is 30-40 ms.
  • If your speed test does not show the speed you are paying for, we’d love to talk! It could be the age of your router, location of it, or other interferences. You deserve to get the best and we are here to make sure you do!



Yummy Healthy Dishes 
Yummy Healthy Dishes
Discover family-friendly recipes from Air Fryer Chicken Wings to Meatball Casserole to Cheesy Roasted Asparagus.
Learn more…

Calling All Bookworms 
Calling All Bookworms
This site wrote the book on organizing your current book club or starting a new one, plus finding your next book to read.
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Try Playing Wordle 
Try Playing Wordle
Millions of people consider Wordle to be a letter-perfect daily word game. It’s quick and easy to play, so give it a try!
Learn more…



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4 Slow Cooker Recipes
January is Slow Cooking Month! Try Chicken and Dumplings, Lasagna Soup, Beef Ragu Pappardelle, or Pot Roast.

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Pick a Quick Bread Flavor
Get the recipe for a delicious quick bread base, then easily modify it to make your choice of banana, pumpkin, or apple.



Close to the Mount Loa VolcanoClose to the Mount Loa VolcanoClose to the Mount Loa Volcano 
Close to the Mount Loa Volcano
See a zoomed-in view of the lava channel as seen by Hawaiian Volcano Observatory field crews on December 5, 2022.

Mesmerizing ButterfliesMesmerizing ButterfliesMesmerizing Butterflies 
Mesmerizing Butterflies
These beauties are from Joel Satore’s Photo Ark, a groundbreaking effort to document species before they disappear.



Do-It-Yourself Demo 1 - Download Graphics to View 
How to Clean Area Rugs
Better Homes & Gardens demonstrates basic care, deep cleaning, and stain removal to keep your area rugs looking great.

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Better Organize Your Closet
A professional organizer shows you the steps, from pulling everything out and getting rid of used items to creating a system.



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