Gary & Vikki Marshall
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Meet Gary and Vikki Marshall

Following a career in the Sheriff’s Department in Las Vegas, Gary Marshall and his wife, Vicki, returned home to Moapa Valley. Since then, the Marshall’s have met each day with a warmth and resilience that’s emblematic of the people who live in this region.

Update from 2023:

Gary says his life hasn’t changed too much, except he keeps having more birthdays! He continues building through his business, the Marshall Company, and enjoys giving back to the community through his company’s efforts. Though Gary used to travel frequently for work, these days he’s staying local more often. Which is just fine by Gary—he enjoys the friendships and loving community he finds here in Moapa Valley, and he prefers being close to home and spending quality time with friends and family. Gary is still happy to be an MVT customer, both personally and for his business, and appreciates the loyalty and commitment MVT offers.