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Serving residents of Moapa Valley Since 1909

Moapa Valley Telephone Company is dedicated to providing our community with modern, up-to-date communication services—just as we have for more than 100 years.

While we keep our eyes trained on the future, feel free to take a glimpse into our past.

More than a century of service to our neighbors in Moapa Valley.

Samuel H. Wells, photograph

Moapa Valley Telephone is incorporated on April 6, 1909. Samuel H. Wells serves as the first president with prominent early Nevada pioneers holding stock – M.W Gibson, Joseph F. Perkins, Brig Whitmore, U.V. Perkins, W.L. Jones, and W.C. Bowman to name a few.

Black and white photograph of a man

Warren H. Lyon acquires Moapa Valley Telephone stock which has remained in the Lyon family ever since.

Mack Lyon answering a phone

Dial telephone service becomes available to customers in Moapa Valley, eight years before it was offered in Las Vegas. Dial telephone service allowed customers to dial phone numbers themselves, rather than relying on an operator.

Old switchboard

Warren Lyon suffered from a life of health setbacks including a leg amputation caused by the effects of tuberculosis. His son Mack and daughter-in-law Dorothy ran the phone company. When someone needed to place a long distance call, Dorothy was the switchboard operator who connected the call. This all ended in 1959 , when the switchboard was moved out of Mack & Dorothy’s home into a new building in Overton.


No more nosy neighbors listening in on your conversations became available in Moapa Valley thanks to a loan from the Rural Electrification Administration. With this loan, private line service was established.

Old image of a man

The son of Mack & Dorothy Lyon, Calvert, became president of MVT. His ability to see where the industry was going helped MVT build a sound financial footing through investments in the cellular market.

Machine laying cable

A formal agreement between four companies is established to provide fiber.  This investment in fiber would prove to be pivotal to MVT’s ability to offer high-speed internet in the future.


Moapa Valley Telephone begins offering internet. Customers had a choice of DSL or dial-up. While dial-up was the early winner it was quickly replaced by DSL.

2011 ~
MVT employees

Fiber-to-the-home construction begins. Focusing on first bringing fiber internet to where DSL service was the poorest, by 2020, 30% of MVT’s territory has fiber. Three years later, 70% of customers could get fiber. By 2025, the goal is to have 100% of customers able to receive fiber to their homes.

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