Sugar & Judy Metz
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Meet Judy and Sugar Metz

Sugar’s Homeplate has played a central role in connecting the community for almost 30 years. Judy and Ray “Sugar” Metz are the heart and soul behind this local institution that provides generous warmth, good food, and a lively, social place to meet.

Update from 2023:

Big changes have happened in Judy and Sugar’s lives. The biggest is that they no longer run Sugar’s Homeplate restaurant. Judy is excited to now be working as a Community Service Specialist with Commissioner Marilynn Kirkpatrick. Judy and Sugar say that, while they miss the people they met every day at Sugar’s Homeplate, they don’t miss the six- and seven-day workweeks. Sugar is now enjoying retirement and quiet time at home, while Judy loves still getting to work with community members. Judy loves watching their grandson play baseball and Sugar, as always, is loving and supportive by her side. They describe our community as helpful and encouraging and say it’s the people that make it such a wonderful place to live.