Rick & Lori Houston
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Meet Rick and Lori Houston

Music, family, and community are integral to the valley. Rick and Lori Houston embrace these values year round. From gigs in a local bar to jam sessions on their front porch, every day brings new opportunities for musical celebration.

Update from 2023:

In recent years, Rick and Lori’s life has been marked by personal and professional success. Rick continues to play music as often as he can, touring with a “Legends of Rock” band last year, playing at the county fair, and now playing in a new band, “The Billy Elton Show” (covering the songs of Billy Joel and Elton John). Meanwhile, Lori’s career in real estate is taking off, and she’s supported by Rick in her professional endeavors. They say they absolutely love Moapa Valley and wouldn’t live anywhere else—they know this is the place they’ll be until the day they die. They love the supportive, close-knit community. And they can’t wait for the boat ramp at Echo Bay to reopen!