Jason Adams
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Jason Adams

Owner of Bex Sunglasses

For eight years, Jason Adams was a professional rodeo cowboy, an occupation for which he’d trained his entire life. It was an active life on the road, traveling from town to town, but Jason explains, “that’s not the career you want when you’re starting a family.” It was time to start thinking about what he wanted next.

Jason had always been interested in product design and rodeo life had taught him the value of a good pair of sunglasses. So, in 2009, he launched Bex Sunglasses.

Located in Logandale, Bex Sunglasses is a premium line of sunglasses designed for the blue collar and country individual who recognizes and appreciates quality. His sunglasses are sold throughout the United States and have a strong presence in several other countries, such as Canada, Australia, and Brazil.

With a staff of only 10 employees, Jason runs a lean operation. “I take pride in the employees we have here at Bex,” he says. “Blue collar, hardworking, loyal, humble, just good people to work with. We’re all pretty country, which is exactly who our customers are.”
Over the course of the last 12 years, Jason has experienced the regular challenges and growing pains that almost every entrepreneur faces. When asked about what keeps him going, Jason replies, “The experience of being able to walk into the office and see the families that are connected with this little, tiny company, in this little farm town, and to know that we’re helping put food on the table and supporting them—that reminds me every day that I’m working for a worthy cause.”

Logandale has been a lifelong home to Jason. He went to high school here, and he trained for the rodeo here. “I live on the best street in America. My kids love where we live,” he says. “This is small town America, it’s a very special place and there are a lot of really good people here.”

Update from 2023:

Jason was able to keep his company, Bex Sunglasses, open throughout the COVID pandemic. He spent a lot of time last year training new employees and now has nearly 15 employees. This new talent is taking on roles including design and creation and helping Bex Sunglasses expand into products like T-shirts and baseball caps. Jason’s sunglasses were even featured on the hit television show Yellowstone! Jason stays busy with work and family, coaching his children’s softball and flag football teams—he loves supporting the youth in our community in various causes and events. Jason says he’s traveled all over the country, but nowhere has felt at home the way Moapa Valley does.