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The Cornerstone: September 2023

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September 2023





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Happy Meal History
The Happy Meal launched in 1977, with its free prize idea borrowed from cereal. Unbox other fascinating facts now!

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Beach Life in Roaring ’20s
Films of long-ago beach scenes were colorized and remastered to create a time travel experience.



Fiber Update — We are Excited to Share!

Fiber Update - Download Images to ViewAlmost all of Moapa and Warm Springs, including Lytle Ranch, has fiber internet available. There are pockets without coverage in Overton and Logandale that we are actively working to complete. We are thrilled that most customers are now able to experience the benefits of speed and reliability that fiber internet provides.

Let’s dive a little deeper…

If you have been a MVT customer for 1 month or 10 years, you have heard us talking about fiber internet. Before fiber, internet was only able to be delivered on copper cables or wireless. Imagine fiber internet as a 20-lane highway. There are plenty of lanes so it is congestion free. This highway is also protected by a glass dome (fiber cable is made of many thin strands of coated glass fibers) that protects the drivers from all weather conditions. It’s smooth and fast sailing from the point or origin to the destination.

On the other hand, the wireless internet route is like a 2-lane highway—subject to poor road conditions, weather interferences, and forget about getting anywhere on time during rush hour when a ton of users are on the road.

With fiber internet, you have a direct fiber line to your house. The 20-lane highway is all yours. Your connection is clear, congestion free, and protected from weather or other disturbances. If you aren’t yet driving on this highway, give us a call or check to see if fiber is available to you. Tell your neighbors too! Remember, more cars on the fiber highway doesn’t slow anyone down!



Age with Attitude 
Age with Attitude
Explore Senior Planet from AARP for free online classes, inspiring articles, a book club over Zoom, and more.
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Put the Fun in Frugal 
Put the Fun in Frugal
A stay-at-home mom shares her tips for a new frugal mindset that can help you get everything you love the smart way.
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World's Best Awards 2023 
World’s Best Awards 2023
For vacation inspiration, see Travel + Leisure readers’ favorites in categories including cities, hotels, cruises, and resorts.
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7 Easy Chicken Recipes
It’s Chicken Month — time for Garlic Honey Chicken, Creamy Lemon Chicken, Healthy Chicken Salad, and more.

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3 Yummy Potato Sides
Sweet Potato Au Gratin, Horseradish Mash, and Smashed Yukons make great side dishes for almost any meal.



Farmer in TrainingFarmer in TrainingFarmer in Training 
Farmer in Training
This country video is adorable from start to finish. Who doesn’t love a pint-size farmer caring for his animals?

Castle of the Fairy Tale KingCastle of the Fairy Tale KingCastle of the Fairy Tale King 
Castle of the Fairy Tale King
One of Europe’s most popular castles, Neuschwanstein was completed in 1884 for Ludwig II, King of Bavaria.



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Install Landscape Edging
Get pro tips on how to add definition and beauty to patios, walkways, and garden areas with landscape edging.

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TV Cabinet to Coffee Bar
Here’s a step-by-step guide for turning an outdated TV cabinet into a pretty and practical coffee bar for you and guests.



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