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The Cornerstone: March 2024

MVT eNewsletteremail : Webview : Moapa Reservation Housing Has Fiber Internet! – Your MVT eNewsletter – March 2024
What’s New in Drones, Cruise Ships, Scams, Spatial Computing, and Much More
What's New in Drones, Cruise Ships, Scams, Spatial Computing, and Much More
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March 2024
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Moapa Reservation Housing Has Fiber Internet!

Fiber Internet in Moapa Reservation - Download Images to View
Photo credit: Deana Bow

Good news! We are excited to share that we now have fiber optic internet to the Moapa Reservation Housing. The streets that now have fiber internet include:
  1. Quail Dr.
  2. Pepo Dr.
  3. Workie Way
  4. Hiko St.
  5. Steve St.
  6. Holmes Way
For the rest of the Reservation, we are partnering with Overton Power to bury the utility lines and expect to start offering service in May of 2024.

We have been working hard to increase the number of areas we can provide fiber optic internet to in Moapa and Moapa Valley. If you live in the reservation and want fiber optic internet right away, send an email to or simply give us a call at 702-397-2601. Otherwise, we will contact you over the next couple of months to get you connected.

Not sure if you live in a fiber ready area? Find out by going to our website, clicking on “Check Availability,” and then entering your street address to see if your neighborhood already has fiber.

We continue to build a 100% fiber network so residents of our beloved Valley can live and thrive here.
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