Ron Dalley
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Ron Dalley

Retired English Teacher at Moapa Valley High School

Ronald A. Dalley was born on Christmas Day in 1936, during one of the most severe winters on record. He graduated from Brigham Young University in 1958 with a bachelor’s degree, and again in 1964 with a master’s degree. Soon after his graduation, Ron was hired to replace a retiring English teacher in Moapa Valley, and his career was started at the salary of $3,200 per year from the Clark County School District.

“As a teacher, my number one goal was to have the kids learn how to write a paragraph and have it make sense,” says Ron. Moapa Valley High School had a student body of only 102 students when he started and, according to Ron, that made it easier for teachers and students to build relationships that were stronger than was possible at larger schools. “You’d see them throughout the course of their entire high school career—from Freshman to Senior. You could establish a real personal relationship.”

Equally important were his colleagues. “We had good administrators and faculty members who helped foster a strong esprit de corps,” he explains. “They were great friends and great people. I was just blessed.”

Ron’s first retirement came after 40 years at MVHS and he was honored to have The Ron Dalley Theater named after him.

Following his initial retirement from MVHS, Ron taught for five years at Dixie State University, followed by another 10 years at the College of Southern Nevada. In all, it was an active teaching career that spanned a total of 55 years.

Today, he enjoys his retired life by practicing the craft of woodworking. The rocking chair in his photograph is an example of his handiwork.

“Moapa Valley is one of the finest places I know of to raise a family,” he says. “You have the influences of churches, and schools, and community—and they all cooperate and work together. It’s just a pleasure to live here.”

Update from 2023:

Slowing down a little, Ron takes more time to relax and enjoy time with his family. They are his pride and joy and his greatest treasure. Ron enjoys woodworking and has recently completed new projects—another rocking chair, some kitchen chairs, and a picture frame. He sees the changes in our valley and recognizes that there has been a lot of growth, and he’s still proud to call Moapa Valley home. Ron and his wife celebrated 48 years of marriage in March. He is a happy customer with MVT and is pleased with the customer service, which is always there to help no matter the need.