Deborah Henrie
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Deborah Henrie

Deborah Henrie and her husband, Nathan, moved into Moapa Valley 19 years ago. They’d met while attending Utah State, where they were both on the Livestock Judging team, and had both raised show lambs from a young age. Moapa Valley offered a great environment to share their passion for raising sheep while providing a perfect community for their growing family.

In 2011, Deborah was offered the Manager position at Sage Health Store, and when the owner decided to sell the store a year later, Deborah was ready to take over.

“Health and supplements are very important,” says Deborah. “And I’ve found that people are thankful for having someone who’s concerned about their health.”

When she purchased the store in 2012, Deborah reasoned that a good night’s sleep is an essential ingredient to maintaining a healthy lifestyle—and given the fact that there wasn’t a reliable furniture retailer in the area, she decided to start selling mattresses. Her success with this portion of her business encouraged her to expand even further as she gradually started carrying a wider variety of home furnishings. Since then, the business has only continued to grow—necessitating a name change to account for her success. The store, located in Overton, is now called Sage Health and Home Center.

Deborah says, “For me, it’s always about the people—and this store puts me in a place where I can get to know a lot of people in the area.”

Over the years, the Moapa Valley community has played an integral role in the lives of Deborah and her family.

“As I see it, community is made up of people taking care of each other. And this community—this village—has helped raise my kids. I truly love it here.”

Update from 2023:

Deborah is proud to say her health and supplements store—which sells everything from vitamins to furniture—survived the COVID pandemic and continues to go strong. The Henrie family moved to Overton to be closer to the business and they are now renovating and revitalizing an older home in the area. Deborah loves helping her friends and neighbors in Moapa Valley stay healthy and comfortable. In her personal life, they welcomed a new daughter-in-law to the family and will soon watch their youngest child graduate. She and her husband are new grandparents, and Deborah says they’re happily entering the next phase of their lives. Be sure to follow Sage Health and Home Center on Facebook.