Bevan Dalley
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Bevan Dalley

Retired Local Barber

Barber shops play a unique role in small towns. They’re a central hub, the beating heart of the community, where folks go to catch up on what’s happening. And the local barber sees, hears, and learns about almost everybody. Just ask Bevan Dalley.

“People would come in, and it was quite the congregation,” says Bevan. “They knew me, and I knew them. I used to know even the name of their horse and their dog.” He laughs easily as he remembers. “A lot of people would confide in me. And, sometimes, if they asked for it, I’d give them advice.”

Bevan moved into Moapa Valley in 1947, when he was four years old. After graduating high school, he worked a variety of jobs—from working at the local sand mine to surveying for the Nevada State Highway Department. After getting married to his wife, Kathy in 1964, Bevan decided that he wanted to go into business for himself, so he signed up for barber school. And, in 1965, he purchased his own small shop in Overton.

Bevan witnessed much of what happened in Moapa Valley from behind the chair in his shop. In 1967, he watched as the Bank of Las Vegas, catty-corner to his location, got robbed. Kathy worked part-time at the bank, and he was thankful it was a day when she wasn’t working. Another time, one of his customers suffered a fatal heart attack. “And I met all kinds of people,” he says. “People from Japan, Germany, Korea, British Columbia…so I got to travel quite a bit when I was just standing there cutting hair.”

Bevan retired in 2007 after a carpentry accident severed three of his fingers. Bevan remembers, “It was pretty tough starting out, but it worked itself into a pretty good business. I’d have seven, eight, nine people waiting…” He pauses. “What I miss most now is the interaction, just visiting with people.”