An internet experience like no other.

Total Wi-Fi from MVT ensures your Wi-Fi experience is the best, everywhere.

Great Wi-Fi with great benefits

A strong signal in every room of your home. Peace of mind with malware and virus protection. The ability to prioritize devices (like your work computer) or turn off the kids’ internet access at bedtime, with just the touch of a button. No, this isn’t science fiction—it’s your life with Total Wi-Fi.

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Extended range

Are you having trouble connecting to Wi-Fi when you’re in certain areas of your home? Our Total Wi-Fi 6 routers use the latest technology to provide a longer range. If you still can’t get Wi-Fi in certain locations, we can install Wi-Fi mesh units for a strong Wi-Fi signal in every corner of your home.

Add Wi-Fi mesh units for $399/mo per mesh unit

*One of our experts will recommend if a mesh is needed in your home


Total Wi-Fi includes the CommandIQ app

Full control of your network is within reach! The CommandIQ app is free to download and easy to use. View connected devices on your network, set basic parental controls, set up a guest network, or adjust your network name and password—all from your mobile device.

Download the CommandIQ app


Free professional installation

Our technicians will survey your home and place your router for maximum performance.

Signal strength assessment

During installation, we’ll make sure you’re getting the speed you’re paying for…in every room. We’ll also install Wi-Fi extenders (if desired) to give you a boost.

Dedicated tech support

You have a support team on-call at all times. If you need in-person help, we’ll visit at no additional cost (savings of $75/visit).

Software upgrades

Get free, automatic updates from MVT to keep your Wi-Fi secure and running smoothly.

Parental controls*

Block sites, manage devices, set screen times, and more to keep your whole family safe online.


Enjoy peace of mind knowing you’re protected against malware, viruses, and harmful websites.

*Additional fees may apply