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Calling Features from MVT

Calling Features

MVT offers the latest calling features and services available from the telecommunications industry. Take a look at your options for increasing the effectiveness of your land line telephone service. Your basic telephone service lives in a technology rich environment, with many low costs feature options to choose from.

Get more calling features for less when you bundle.

When you sign-up for an Internet bundle you can get Call Waiting, Simultaneous Ring, Caller ID, Calling Name, Three-way Calling, Economy Voicemail, Inside Wiring Plan for $5.00.

MVT Calling Feature Options:

Call Waiting
Price: $2.00
A subscriber favorite!

Cancel Call Waiting

Call Forwarding
Price: $2.00

Call Forward No Answer
Price: $2.00

Selective Call Forwarding
Price: $3.50

Call Forward Busy
Price: $2.00

Call Forward Remote Access

Distinctive Ringing/Call Waiting
Price: $3.50

Three-Way Calling
Price: $2.00

Selective Call Rejection
Price: $3.50

Selective Call Acceptance
Price: $3.50

Ring Recognition

Caller ID & NAME
Price: $7.00
A subscriber favorite!

Caller ID Block

Repeat Dial:
Price: $2.00

Automatic Recall
Price: $2.00

Toll Restriction
Price: $0.75

Call Trace

Voice Mail

Call Blocking

Speed Calling

Anonymous Call Rejection
Price: $3.50

Robo Call Blocking NEW!
Price: $1.00

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