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MVT has delivered advanced communication solutions to Moapa Valley for over 100 years. Throughout our history, we’ve provided forward thinking technologies but also ensured every customer understands this technology. As technology has changed, so have we.

Fiber is the most advanced communication system available and will be the technology relied upon worldwide in the future. Fiber is a strand of glass smaller than a human hair over which light travels. The light carriers information or data. Fiber can carry almost limitless data at the speed of light.

MVT Fiber, it's here!

Benefits of Fiber

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What are the installation costs?

Standard installation is free. Once fiber is installed, if you allow us to place an MVT Fiber yard sign in your yard for at least two weeks, you’ll receive a $20.00 bill credit when you return the sign. If your home requires conduit, we charge $150.00 for up to 100 ft. Everything over 100 ft would cost $1.50/ft.

Will my monthly charges change?

The monthly charges for the Internet are the same with fiber as they are with a comparable DSL speed. Fiber requires that we upgrade your wireless router which you can either purchase from MVT for $160 or pay a monthly lease of $5.99/month.

What equipment will you install at our home?

Generally we will install three devices: (1) An Optical Network Terminator or ONT. An ONT converts the signal on the fiber to something that your home devices can use to get on the Internet. We have two versions of ONTs an outdoor and an indoor. We will use the one that best fits your home. (2) A battery backup which supplies up to 8 hours of standby power to your ONT in the event of a power outage. (3) A wireless router.

What kind of wireless router will you install?

One of the most important pieces of equipment is your router. MVT depends on the reliability and leading-edge technologies developed by Calix. For more information on our routers click here.