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  1. What is your Network Management Policy?
  2. How do I publish a web page?
  3. Where can I view a copy of MVT's Acceptable Use Policy?
  4. SecureIT Plus Fine Print

How do I publish a web page?

First you need to create a web page. Programs such as Microsoft Front Page and Netscape Composer create web pages. Once you have created your web page you need to put it on our web server. To do this you'll need to use ftp to move your files and both Front Page and Composer have ftp. You can also download a ftp program by going to our home page and clicking on the "Downloads" link and then downloading WSFTP. You will publish your web page to and you must supply your username and password. Your username is the first part of your email address. For example if your email address is your username is johndoe. Your first page or home page must be in the root directory and you must name it index.php. To access your web page go to

SecureIT Plus Fine Print & FAQ

SecureIT Plus licenses at $4.95 per month or you may purchase SecureIT Live at $3.95 per month or SecureIT at $1.95 per month

What is the difference between SecureIT Plus, SecureIT Live, and SecureIT?


SecureIT Live

SecureIT Plus

How does the $100.00 guarantee against a virus work?

First you must pay $34.95 to have one of the SecureIT Plus technicians professionally check for and remove any preexisting viruses and then install SecureIT Plus. Second SecureIT Plus must be actively running at the time you get the virus. Third, you must give the SecureIT technicians an opportunity to try and remotely clean your computer. Finally, if they can't clean your computer, they will give you up to $100.00 to take your computer to a repair shop of your choice. This guarantee is strictly between you and SecureIT MVT Internet assumes no responsibility

MVT Internet assumes no liability with regard to any damage that may result from running any of our security products.